What Fiend Stalks the Night

Solo rules and procedures for folk horror adventures in Mausritter

You awake at midnight beneath a sickle moon in the middle of a vast field of corn. All your belongings have been taken from you. What is the last thing you remember?​

​ Explore a nightmare world beneath the crops in What Fiend Stalks the Night, a folk horror setting for solo adventures with Mausritter​. Untangle the mysteries that bind the creatures of the field and encounter the giant Fiends that roam among them.

Alongside the standard Mausritter rules, you’ll use the Box & Bones​ procedure to explore the labyrinthine maize. Ask questions and connect details using Riddle & Tilt​ to find your way out—or perish in the attempt!

Note: While not terribly explicit, What Fiend Stalk the Night is a horror game, and contains subject matter that may be disturbing to some players.